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Using Facebook to Promote Your Website

Recently, I used a Facebook fan page to drive traffic to a brand new travel blog with much success. We started the fan page and garnered more than 5,000 fans even before we launched the website. So by the time the website was ready, we were guaranteed of visitors traffic.

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Free SEO Tips

I have decided to use Facebook fan page as a platform to share my experience in SEO and internet marketing. Yes, I will give away free SEO tips which I personally used and have proven to work over the years. So these are white-hat techniques derived from the ebook Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide which is sanctioned by Google.

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Top 10 Internet Marketing Coach

This blog is finally in the top 10 for the search terms internet marketing coach in Google.

I haven’t been updating this blog for nearly a month. It is a pleasant surprise that this blog made it to the top 10 in 4 months and less than 15 posts. I was thinking it may take more than 6 months at the rate that I post to this internet marketing coaching blog.

I think blogging is a very powerful way to get into Google top ranking. And with free blogging platform, you can get your blog rank high for less competitive keywords and drive targeted traffic to your main website. You can use this low-cost technique for your internet marketing business.

SEO Tips on Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is the process to increase the number of incoming links, aka backlinks, to your web pages and improve the quality of these incoming links. You want other web pages to “talk about” your web pages and link to your website. Increasing link popularity will improve your search engine listing position so that you website can be found on the Internet.

Link Building: Homepage vs Inner Pages

You want to build links from web pages that share similar topic to your website.

For example, this post is about off-page optimization so I would want links from search engine optimization and search marketing related pages, also pages from websites that are related to internet marketing.

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SEO Tips on On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO or search engine optimization refers to changes that you can make on your web page to increase the chances of it being displayed in the top 30 results for a particular search term or search phrase.

Many people think that SEO is something complicated and difficult to implement. However, like many things in life, SEO is common sense – your job is to provide what the search engines want.

On-page optimization is quite simple and relatively easy to do. Let me show you some simple tactics that will help you to get your web pages visible in the search engines by focusing on 2 very important on-page factors.
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Internet Marketing Business

Internet marketing business is but one form of electronic commerce(e-commerce). Basically, you conduct your business online and make use of the Internet as the platform for advertising and promotion. Internet marketing encompasses online marketing techniques such as email marketing, web marketing, search engine marketing and etc.

Email Marketing and Search Engine Marketing

Most people thought of affiliate marketing as direct emailing when they spoke of Internet marketing. However, beside sending email to your prospects or leads which is email marketing, there is one very important method of Internet marketing – search engine marketing.

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