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5 Steps to Building an Online Audience

If you sell products online, you will have to establish good relationships with your audience. It’s about getting people interested in your products and staying in touch with them.

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How to Get Higher PageRank Quickly

This question: How to get higher PageRank quickly? was posted in the comment of one of my Blogger blogs where I give away free backlinks. Frankly, unless you are an SEO specialist or SEO consultant selling SEO services, you don’t need high PageRank.

It is a myth that having high PageRank will guarantee top listing in search engine results.

However, if you are after PageRank for ego reason then I will show you the shortcut method which I used for this blog.

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Top 10 Internet Marketing Coach

This blog is finally in the top 10 for the search terms internet marketing coach in Google.

I haven’t been updating this blog for nearly a month. It is a pleasant surprise that this blog made it to the top 10 in 4 months and less than 15 posts. I was thinking it may take more than 6 months at the rate that I post to this internet marketing coaching blog.

I think blogging is a very powerful way to get into Google top ranking. And with free blogging platform, you can get your blog rank high for less competitive keywords and drive targeted traffic to your main website. You can use this low-cost technique for your internet marketing business.

Training the Search Engine Spiders

How often do Googlebot and Yahoo Slurp visit your blog?

Do you know you can train these Googlebot and Yahoo Slurp crawlers to come to your blog at regular interval?

It’s simple. Update your blog with fresh unique content at regular interval e.g. one new post everyday or every other day. In this way, you are training the search engine spiders to come visit your blog at regular intervals. And you will find that the search engine spiders will come to your blog everyday.

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How to Start a Blogger Blog

It easy. To those who’ve got a blog – whether it’s at or – it’s a matter following some simple steps. However, many people who are not so computer savvy find it a challenge to start a blog.

If you were a Internet marketer, you probably have a blog. For those who are new to Internet marketing, having a blog is one of the fastest ways to help you to increase your earning online.

It’s easier and quicker to start a blog at than So let’s see how you can start a Blogger blog in less than 5 minutes.

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