The purpose of this page is to facilitate our link building campaign for this blog. Here’s where we list our link partners. However, this page need to have some PageRank value before we can attract other webmasters to place their links here and give us a text link to one of our pages.

This step may seem to be redundant since other WordPress bloggers can easily link to pages here via a trackback. However, there is no harm to get more links from as many sources as possible and not just restrict to blogs’ trackback only.

Add Your URL: Text Link Submission

You can add your URL to our resources by the following these 2 steps:

Step 1: Add our Text Link to Your Website/Blog

  • Title: Internet Marketing Coach
  • URL:
  • Description: Get real Internet marketing knowledge without hype. You don’t want to be sold by an Internet marketer, you want to learn the real thing from the Internet marketing coach.
HTML codes:
<a href=”; title=’Internet marketing coach and consultant’>Internet Marketing Coach</a> – Get real Internet marketing knowledge without the hype or buying ebook, audio ebook, DVD or membership. Just useful tips and guide to help you improve your <a href=””>Internet marketing business</a>.

Step 2: Leave a Comment

  • Tell us the URL where our link can be found.
  • Provide the Title, URL and Description of your website.
  • Tell us where you like your text link to appear, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Your site will be listed here: Internet Web Directory

Article Submission

Beside adding your text link to your resource directory, you may want to consider submitting an article to be published in our blog under the Articles section.

  • Article Topic: Internet marketing related
  • Article Length: At least 250 words but not more than 500 words.
  • Keywords: List the 3 keywords that you are targeting and we will help you to optimize the article.
  • Resource box: Short description of the author and text link to your web page.
  • Submit your article using the comment box below.

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  1. Von Doane

    Good Day,

    I would like to become a link partner with you. I am submitting my blog link for your Web Link Directory. Category: Internet Marketing.

    Blog Title: The Kandu Reviews Internet Marketing Guidance

    Blog URL:

    Internet Marketing Guidance & Top Quality Internet Marketing Empowering Resources That Can Actually Save YOU Hundreds — Even Thousands! — Of Dollars This Year!

    The Internet Marketing Coach link can be found on The Kandu Reviews Internet Guidance Blog Links on the right hand colum
    towards the bottom of the page at

    Thank YOU.
    Von Doane

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