5 Steps to Building an Online Audience

If you sell products online, you will have to establish good relationships with your audience. It’s about getting people interested in your products and staying in touch with them.

Here’s the 5 steps to building a solid relationship with your online audience.

Step 1 – Create a Quality Newsletter

Give your customers the option to join your newsletter when they order a product and add a subscription form on your site. Send out your newsletter regularly and do your best to write quality content. You should also include special offers, discounts and new products.

Use a mass email software to personalize your emails, schedule email blasts and keep track of how many people open these emails and which links are the most popular. Analyze these findings to design new emails that correspond to what your audience is interested in.

Step 2 – Offer Something Useful to Build Your List

Get people to subscribe to your newsletter by presenting your newsletter as a way of having access to limited offers and content.

Step 3 – Create Profiles on Social Networks

Find out which social networks your customers are using and take the time to fill out your description and contact information. Your different profiles should look similar: use the same colors, logos and descriptions to stay consistent. Post new updates at least twice a week and share content that interests your audience. Encourage people to ask questions via social networks and to comment on your posts.

You can also create your own games and share them with your subscribers. Organizing contests and drawings is also easy: ask your subscriber to tag you in the picture of video they want to submit to enter your contest. Give people rewards for sharing your content with their friends!

Step 4 – Use Survey to Engage Your Audience

If you are not sure about what your target audience wants, create surveys. Place these surveys on your site and advertise them on social networks and by email. Offer a free sample or a discount to anyone who fills out your survey, or organize a contest or a drawing: have people fill out a survey to enter your contest. Make sure you give out one of your products so that the people who show interest in your drawing or contest actually correspond to your target audience.

Step 5 – Use Blog to Keep Them Updated

If your target audience is likely to read blogs or to have one, create a blog for your business. Post new articles regularly and connect with other bloggers who write about similar topics. Encourage people to comment on your posts and to ask you questions on your blog. You could also feature articles from popular bloggers or ask to have your content featured on their blogs. Make sure you exchange content with blogs your target audience is interested in.

Select your blogging platform carefully since you might not be able to easily connect with bloggers from other platforms once you create your blog. Share links to your site and social network profiles on your blog.

Apply these tips and get to know your target audience. If you do your best to connect with your customers, they will trust you and buy products from you.


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