Free SEO Tips

I have decided to use Facebook fan page as a platform to share my experience in SEO and internet marketing. Yes, I will give away free SEO tips which I personally used and have proven to work over the years. So these are white-hat techniques derived from the ebook Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide which is sanctioned by Google.

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Free SEO Tips by the SEO Chef

SEO Chef“Simple, effective and proven SEO tips that work. You’ll learn easy to follow recipes that make SEO as simple as frying an egg”, proclaimed the SEO Chef.

If you want free SEO tips that work, join the SEO Chef fan page and learn from not one, not ten but thousands of SEO fans who will help you to get the ranking you deserved.

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  1. Ogie Gaol

    nice information, thanks for sharing ya 🙂 i accidentally found this blog via search engine..well its worthed, i like it.. im going to subscribe! 😀

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