How Google Works

When you’ve a better understanding of how Google works, you will be able to appreciate why Google ranks some web page higher than others. Here’s a very good educational video on How Search Works presented by Matt Cutts.

He mentioned in the video some of the most important factors which determine your page ranking in Google search result page. Here’s some of the most important questions asked when the Google algorithm tries to determine how to include a page in the search engine result page.

Five of the Most Important Ranking Factors

  1. How many times does this page contain your keywords?
  2. Do the words appear in the title, in the URL, directly adjacent?
  3. Does the page includes synonyms for those words?
  4. Is this page from a quality website?
  5. What is this page’s PageRank?

SEO your web page to answer these 5 questions and you will be in the top ranking eventually.

More Videos on How Google Works

Visit the following link to see other videos on How Google Ads Works and Google Docs.


One comment

  1. Rob

    Thanks for the video. It made clear to me what has always been fuzzy before. It makes the quest for page ranking more daunting, but at least I know what I’m in for!

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