How to Improve Website Design – Eye Tracking Technology

Have you ever asked your web designer how to improve website design to increase Pages/Visit and Avg. Time on Site?

Well, most web designers will tell you to make your website more interactive and charge you exorbitant fee for creating Flash and AJAX scripts. But is that what your visitors want?

Is there any scientific evidence to back up any changes that will guarantee a better user experience?

Eye Tracking Technology

Yes. Eye tracking technology will help you to improve your website design based on how people look at web page.

Eye Tracking Technology

One of the most popular eye tracking research is the Eyetrack III. Go study all the results if you can afford the time. Otherwise here’s an excellent article – Eye tracking study reveals 12 website tactics by Direct Creative Blog which summarizes everything into 12 points which you can take immediate action to improve your website design.

12 Tactics to Improve Your Website Design

  1. Headlines draw eyes before pictures
  2. People scan the first couple words of a headline
  3. People scan the left side of a list of headlines
  4. Your headline must grab attention in less than 1 second
  5. Smaller type promotes closer reading
  6. Navigation at the top of the page works best
  7. Short paragraphs encourage reading
  8. Introductory paragraphs enjoy high readership
  9. Ad placement in the top and left positions works best
  10. People notice ads placed close to popular content
  11. People read text ads more than graphic ads
  12. Multimedia works better than text for unfamiliar or conceptual information

Eye Tracking Heatmap 1

Eye Tracking Heatmap 2

Eye Tracking Heatmap 3



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