Good Web Design Better Conversion Rates

Having a search engine friendly is not good enough. You need good web design to fortify your conversion rates.

Knowing how to SEO your web pages to rank high for your targeted keywords and not have a nice design, simple-to-use navigation and layout for your visitors may eventually drive away potential customers.

Here’s the 10 Ways to Design a Good Web Site according to New York Times Gadgetwise blog.

  1. Do Lead By Example
  2. Do Make The Website Search Engine Friendly
  3. Do Your Research
  4. Do Test Your Website
  5. Don’t Get Flash Drunk
  6. Don’t Eliminate All White Space
  7. Don’t Make The User Wait
  8. Don’t Bounce Around
  9. Don’t Clutter The Home Page
  10. Don’t Forget About Content

An Example of Good Website Design

Good web design - home page
It is believed that has spent thousands of man-hours to study and tweak their home page to give visitors the best user experience and maximum revenue. So go study it and see how the 10 ways were implemented.

Is Your Website Design Good Enough?

Out of the 10 ways listed above, beside item 2, the other way that is related to SEO is “Don’t get flash drunk” which is help to ensure the search engine robots can crawl and index your web pages effectively.

The remaining 8 ways concern your website usability issues.

The bottom line is to make your visitors happy and use your website intuitively.

Web Design and Usability

The rest of the 8 ways improve user experience for your human visitors. Good usability can improve your conversion rate.

Now, look at your website and see if you have implemented all the 10 ways of Good Web Design. If not, start revamping your website today to improve your conversion rates and ROI.



  1. Kent

    Rightly said! A lot of designers too focus on the design only but not design with Search Engine Marketing. They can build a very beautiful website but with no traffic.

  2. WISO

    Hi Shi, thanks for the tip and the example… I see you have implemented the 10 Ways to Design a Good Web Site on your site.. great stuff

  3. harrymarks

    makes complete sense, at a point in time you might want to consider a professional who can cater to your exact business needs covering important aspects and improve conversion rates. A professional web designer.

  4. Sydney Painters

    Easy navigation and good content are the two important things I consider in order to categorize a website as a good one. I like a design in which I know what to click in order to get the information I want.

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