Affiliate Marketing Programs

One of the most frequently asked questions to the internet marketing coach is… “Which affiliate programs?”.

You want to make money online and you’re are convinced that affiliate marketing is the way to go for you. As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to worry about inventory and shipping. You probably think what you need to do is to get people to click at your affiliate link and buy. So all you have to do is to select the best selling affiliate marketing programs that would pay you top dollars.

Well, if that’s what you are thinking I can guarantee you that you will not make a cent with any affiliate marketing program. Because thousands of people are thinking like you and lost money in affiliate marketing.

How to Make Affiliate Marketing Works for You

The first step to make money with an affiliate program is not about choosing the right product to sell on your web pages. Rather, to understand what makes people want to click at your affiliate links and buy through your link.

First, you need to know the various ways of generating the right traffic to your web pages.

In order to do that you must agree that “Content is king”. In order publish content that is interesting to your readers, you have to know a little bit about that topic than your readers.

Second, you need to know the merchants you are representing.

Don’t just pick that merchant because she pays the highest commission. More importantly, you have to study the merchant’s sale page and try out the check-out process. Better still, buy and use the product yourself so that you can write convincingly when you recommend the product.

Your task is to match the right products to your site’s visitors. Now, here’s an important tip: keyword research. Knowing the right search terms used by your visitors and giving them what they want is key to being a successful marketer.

These are the some of the best Internet Marketing courses for people new to affiliate marketing. Go check out my affiliate links:

1. Affiliate Marketers Handbook – Teaches you how to become an online publisher and make money with affiliate marketing particularly using Commission Junction affiliate marketing platform.

2. Internet Marketing Coaching – A step-by-step training and support program from experienced Internet marketers.



  1. Abd Essamad

    You are right, The Affiliate Marketer needs to know what Product should Promote it , so he needs to know the best seller product and that is very hard as a newbie. When he knows the good product he must use Adwords to promote the product, and that need good keywords. It’s realy cool to know same secrets of Marketing 🙂

    • IM Coach

      @Abd Essamd Contrary to what many iinternet marketing newbies believe, using AdWords to promote affiliate programs can be profitable. At first I was skeptical of using AdWords, however, after reading John Reese’s Traffic Secrets, I was able to make a profit.

  2. Make Money Online Blogging

    I am completely agreed with you. This business is truly wonderful. in this business there is relatively low capital or no capital requirement. Just have to possess the basic computer and internet knowledge and you can become an affiliate with a company and start earning money by referring and promoting the products of the company through various means. One should also know about the correct and true programs for affiliate marketing which can lead to earn good and easy money for the affiliate.

  3. Micheal Angelo

    Hi there. Micheal Angelo here. Love your blog. Keep up the good work. Lots of useful information. Will be back for more!!!

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