Getting Top Ranking with Google GeoTargeting

GeoTargeting means when you are in Singapore and enter in the browser’s address bar, you will be re-directed to instead.

Here’s an account of this blog being ranked among the top 10 positions for Internet marketing coach in,,, and etc.

To many webmasters and SEO practitioners, this GeoTargeting feature is a pain-in-the-rear. You now have to optimize your page for each country you are targeting to get that Number 1 position.

Top 10 Internet Marketing Coach in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, India and…

This blog has done pretty well in terms of Google GeoTargeting. It is ranked in the top 10 for the search terms internet marketing coach in several country-specific Google search e.g.,,,, and etc.

In fact, as of this morning, this blog is ranked Number 1 for internet marketing coach in:

Many Internet marketers from all over the world are competing for the coveted Number 1 position for internet marketing coach, so my Number 1 position may not hold when you do the search. Anyway, please do and write a comment at the box below.

How to Get Number 1 Ranking

To get that Number 1 ranking in Google, you have to work hard, smart and be very patient with Google. Here’s what I think is the most important… content, relevant content to the search terms you are targeting. Equally important is relevant backlinks. In order to do well in country-specific Google search, you have to first rank well in

If all these sound unfamiliar to you then you go learn the basic of search engine optimization (SEO). One of the best place to start learning SEO is to read my earlier posts start from Who is Internet Marketing Coach. So far there are less than 20 articles in this blog, so it will take you within an hour to read everything I have done to get top position for this search terms internet marketing coach.

Number 1 SEO Training in Singapore

Alternatively, you may want to attend the SEO Workshop in Singapore which I have been conducting every 2 months since early 2006. Go view the photos at the bottom right of this page. (Photos)


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