How to Get Higher PageRank Quickly

This question: How to get higher PageRank quickly? was posted in the comment of one of my Blogger blogs where I give away free backlinks. Frankly, unless you are an SEO specialist or SEO consultant selling SEO services, you don’t need high PageRank.

It is a myth that having high PageRank will guarantee top listing in search engine results.

However, if you are after PageRank for ego reason then I will show you the shortcut method which I used for this blog.

How Internet Marketing Coach Got PageRank of PR4

I have been studying how to build backlinks and increase PageRank value for sometime. I observed that blog hosted on can get PR3 or higher easily. So I started this blog to try get ranked within Top 10 for the search terms internet marketing coach. This blog shot up to PR4 when Google updated the PageRank.

Shortcut to Getting PageRank Quickly for Free

The one thing that helps this blog to attain PR4 is the backlinks from….

In order to get these backlinks, you will need to categorize each of your posts. You will need to categorize your post according to the tags.

For example, I will put this post under the category of pagerank. When I do this, my blog post will be added to which is a PR5 web page. So I will get a PR5 backlink to this post.

And I will also put this post in the category of blogging. The page, is PR7 and this new post very likely will be spidered by Googlebot within hours.

So, this post will get 2 backlinks with PR5 and PR7. It’s easy, isn’t it?

[Updated on Jan 29, 2009]

How to Ensure Your PageRank Sticks

Here’s another observation after months of monitoring some of my blogs. Your web page’s PageRank will drop if you do not post frequently. The more often you write, the faster your blog gain PagePank and the longer it maintains.


  1. bradprince

    I am pleased to know that there are successful internet people out there like you. Truly this article inspires newcomers a lot.

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  3. Sharon

    Wow, what an interesting concept. I have a couple questions and I hope you don’t mind answering them.

    I don’t have the same categories as WordPress, will it make a difference if I tag it instead of using categories?

    Also, for being listed under WordPress tags, is it only for WordPress hosted blogs, or all blogs through wordpress.

    Do you have a subscribe to comments button?

  4. IM Coach

    Hi Sharon,

    You want to tag to existing WordPress categories to gain the quicker indexing and PageRank juice.

    I have yet to see a non hosted blog listed in the tag.

    I don’t understand your question “Do you have a subscribe to comments button?”

  5. Benjamin

    Really smart move there, getting free backlinks from high PR links. I too know of an rather huge PR9 website, that will give backlinks to your site too. 🙂

  6. Gary - Making $3k Monthly

    I think this is a great post – but I had a question:

    There are some people saying that PR isn’t that important. Like, I know of many top internet marketers (of whom I am on the list) have said that there are actually pages indexed in google that appear higher in the SERPs that have lower PR.

    What does this mean? If this is correct, then where does PR come into play? Is it a means of getting higher Adsense dollars, or what?

    Something to think on, or maybe post in the future. Great post, though. And I’ll come back to continue reading!


  7. Caroline


    I set up my new website just the other day. And because of some of the information that you’ve provided in your article, put together with the marketing secrets I have learned, my website is now generating massive amounts of quality traffic, Just wanted to say thanks!

  8. kevinopper


    Thanks for providing this wonderful information on the topic “How to Get Higher PageRank Quickly”.

    This is very informative and helpful for my business

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  10. Simsys

    hey, i tried lots of back links and lots of other stuffs. But my website doesn’t get not even a single page rank. Simsys but after reading this i came to what the mistake i was doing… now i got the answer… thanks a lot friend… 🙂

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  12. Page Rank

    The whole PR issue is kind of thorny, and won’t go away anytime soon. As long as you have advertisers out there who think that internet ads are a magic bullet to increase traffic, they’ll be looking for some arbitrary stat that they can say is the one thing they need to consider when placing ads.

  13. Young Composers

    i have a question. if we get a thousands of links in a forum in 1 week,
    can effect on our pagerank?
    does google any problem with this situation?”

    Depends how you acquire those links, and if you acquire links too fast, Google may devalue them, especially if there is no trend.

  14. sumit

    Totally fake post.
    All links are nofollow and so google will not count them .Is it so easy to fool google.Totally fake idea

  15. IM Coach

    “Is Pluto a planet?” It was a planet before August 2006. For 76 years there were 9 planets and your high school insisted that “8 planets” was the wrong answer. So who’s fake?

    This is not a fake post. You read this post more than one year late. What worked in 2007 did not work as effectively now. Why? Because too many people using the technique so Google plugged the hole.

  16. Bolton Nurseries

    I will certainly be using the WordPress blogging system from now on and tagging accordingly. This makes perfect sense, and hopefully getting a PR5-7 PR link would benefit my website a lot. Thanks for this very useful information.


    thank you for this article and the reminder to keep updating the website/ blog to ensure high page rank.

    your advice is both logical and sensible – thanks for the insights and the ideas

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