Training the Search Engine Spiders

How often do Googlebot and Yahoo Slurp visit your blog?

Do you know you can train these Googlebot and Yahoo Slurp crawlers to come to your blog at regular interval?

It’s simple. Update your blog with fresh unique content at regular interval e.g. one new post everyday or every other day. In this way, you are training the search engine spiders to come visit your blog at regular intervals. And you will find that the search engine spiders will come to your blog everyday.

Get Your Website Indexed by Google & Yahoo in less than 48 Hours

Do you have a new website which you want to be indexed by search engines e.g. Google and Yahoo quickly?

Blogging can help you get your new website indexed quickly. If you are not a frequent blogger, then make sure you start updating your blog a couple of times a day with fresh content for a week or so. After you’ve trained the spiders to visit your blog at least once a day, add a post about your new website and link it! You will find that your new website get indexed within the next 48 hours.

Directory Submission to Kickstart Search Engines Indexing

What if your blog is brand new?

Use directory submission. Here’s how you can kickstart the spidering of your blog.

Write as many posts as possible when you first started tp blog. The more content you have the better. Then, submit your blog to Technorati and other directories.

Don’t know where to find these directories to submit your blog?

Go visit Free Directory Submission Blog now.

You’ll find a list of search engines friendly web directories that accept free submission and also submit your blog at Free Directory Submission Blog. The search engine spiders will visit your new blog via the link you submitted at these web directories.

Free Directory Submission

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