Internet Marketing Business

Internet marketing business is but one form of electronic commerce(e-commerce). Basically, you conduct your business online and make use of the Internet as the platform for advertising and promotion. Internet marketing encompasses online marketing techniques such as email marketing, web marketing, search engine marketing and etc.

Email Marketing and Search Engine Marketing

Most people thought of affiliate marketing as direct emailing when they spoke of Internet marketing. However, beside sending email to your prospects or leads which is email marketing, there is one very important method of Internet marketing – search engine marketing.

Email marketing and search engine marketing are two different methods of marketing which can be used at the same time to maximize your marketing campaign promotion.

Email Marketing – What You Need

  • You will need a list prospects i.e. email list. The bigger your email list the more you can expect to make.
  • An email marketing software to communicate with the people on your email list.
  • A series of email with interesting and useful information to “follow-up” with your prospects. You may not want to keep sending only sales letters to your list of prospects.

What if you do not already have a list of email addresses?

  1. You can buy email addresses.
  2. You can rent an email list.
  3. You can buy solo ad.
  4. And there are many other methods.

Or you can start from scratch and start building your own list.

You can also use off-line method to build your list by placing ads in newspaper, magazine, billboard, radio, tv and etc. However, these methods can be very costly.

So, let’s look at online way of building an email list. One of the most cost effective method is to harness the search engine traffic. There are hundreds of million searches every day.

Organic Search Listing or Sponsored Links

In order to harness search engine traffic, you will need a web page. A web page that is highly visible on the search engines. It has to be search engine friendly and must be discovered or indexed by the search engines.

Mostly, we are concerned with the two biggest search engines: Google and Yahoo. You want people who use any of these search engines looking for information related to your products or services to be able to reach your web page via the search engine listing.

Organic search listing is free. This is the search results listing on the left side of Google and Yahoo. Sponsored Links is on the right side and sometime can be found at the top of the page.

Sponsored Links aka Pay Per Click (PPC)

Say, you want to be listed in the Sponsored Links on the right side of the Google search results listing page, you will have to register as an Adwords advertiser. You will pay $0.05 upward for every click that bring a visitor to your web page. If nobody clicks at your ad, then you don’t have to pay. This is a sure way of getting listed for the search terms you’re targeting. And you can start driving traffic to your web pages within minutes with search engine Sponsored Links or Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As for organic search listing, you will have to optimize your web page to outrank all other web pages which are also vying for that top positions. This method of getting traffic via a high ranking listing in the search engine results is known as search engine optimization or SEO. It may take considerable time and effort to be ranked for a competitive keyword. As such, SEO is considered for long term marketing strategy for your Internet business.


  1. internetmarketingcoach

    Email marketing is very powerful because you can establish relationship with your subscribers and gain their trust with regular emails.

    It is important to deliver content that your subscribers are interested and then recommend them the products and services which are related to the content of the message.

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