SEO Press Release Optimization

SEO Press Release optimization is not new. Internet press release submission has been around for several years and it remains as one of the most power method of search engine optimization.

Firstly, you get nearly instant exposure of your press release via Google News, Yahoo News, Topix and etc.

Secondly, you get backlinks from the press release web page. This can be very valuable if you submit to an established press release service that already has a high PageRank.

Thirdly, your press release will appear in thousands of blogs and websites that pull RSS feeds from press release portals.

Also, your press release will be picked up be journalists from around the world.

Which Press Release Submission Services?

For free press release submission, I suggest that you try I have been getting good results with press release submission. Usually, I will contribute $20 to upgrade the press release so that text link can be inserted in the body of the article.

I like However, this is a paid service and you have to pay a considerable amount to get excellent results. The contribution starts from $10, to get your press release published in their website.

If you have the budget, I’ll suggest that you contribute $200. It is well worth your marketing dollars. You press release will be distribute to their media partners which includes the very important Google News and Yahoo News. You will also get to insert keywords rich text link to your web pages.

New to Writing Press Release

If you are new to writing press release and want to do-it-yourself, you can start learning by reading others’ press releases. Search for press releases that share the same topic you’re going to write. Study as many press release as possible. You may want to copy the style and borrow some phrases that appeal to you. Remember, don’t plagiarize.

Press release has to be written in a formal style. You are making an official announcement or make a report. Do not attempt to sell or advertise in your press release. Just get your readers interested enough to click the link to your website. The selling should be done by the sales letter in your website.

Here’s some useful articles to help you learn to write press release:

Here’s the checklist that I use to optimize my press releases for top search engine ranking

The 7 Steps to SEO Press Release Submission

A press release usually has a format that consists of the Title, the Summary and the Body. The following 7 steps will help you to optimize your press release with such a simple format to score in search engine ranking.

1. Title – place the keyword phrase in the first seven words

2. Summary – 1 or 2 sentences to expound on the title and repeat the keywords

3. Body – use the keywords in the first paragraph and include keyword rich anchor link to target web page

4. Inverted pyramid

5. Action words

6. Quotes and testimonials

7. Keyword density and related keywords

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