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ForumDespite the growing popularity of blog, memberships at established forums are growing. Internet forums are the best places to find out what’s brewing in the Internet marketing scene. These are the places where Internet marketers, both newbies and veterans, congregate. is one of the leading Internet marketing forums.

quote leftI’ve heard about it for a long time but I am not much of a social person (until early this year), and do not have the skill to social network. Participating in forum discussion is a real chore.

Warrior Forum For Your Pre-Launch Marketing Test is more than a place to exchange ideas on Internet marketing. It is a marketplace to test your Internet marketing products. Yes, selling ebooks and software tools to fellow Internet marketers. I think this is a brilliant idea — you can test the response to your product and fine tune it to meet the market’s expect. A very scientific way to Internet marketing. Yes, I am talking about the WSO, short for Warrior Special Offers Forum. There is even a “Buy Me A Drink” button WSO Buy Me A Drink btn to facilitate the payment for the products on special offer.

If you are doing business online, this is a place you must visit and see what’s cooking and make out the latest killer recipe.

Active Forums With Good Expert Advice

The forum at ( is a very high traffic website and always buzzing with discussion. When you need help in Internet marketing and search engines issues, ask the question and you’ll get good advice from veterans and experts in these fields.

I joined this forum a long time ago but I was never active — I’ll stay on the side and eavesdrop the discussion on SEO and traffic generation.

Still Not Getting Enough of Social Networking?

If you’ve still got time left, go visit forum.

Did I Say Traffic Generation?

Participating in forums can bring traffic to your website. It’s smart to have an attention grabbing signature. Offer freebie and you’ll bound to get people click at your signature link to find out more about your gift.

When you’re new, stick around and learn from the experienced members. Model after the good ones. Remember, when you’re participating in a discussion, always be nice and objective. You’re there to learn from others, so be humble.


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