Who is Internet Marketing Coach

Who is Internet Marketing CoachThis blog is the Internet Marketing Coach. It has lots of lessons that you can learn to market online. And this is a blog. So when you ask a question, do expect a reply.

I do not consider myself an Internet marketer. I don’t send email to peddle my wares to strangers. I use email to communicate with people whom I know.

So what, even if the money is really in the email list. I don’t care. I make a living the way I like.

You should do what you like and not just follow what other people say…

quote leftThe money is in the list, go build a list and you’ll be rich šŸ˜¦

How to Make Money Without Sending A Single Email?

I am a marketing coach based in Singapore. I teach people how to market their services and products using web pages. That’s my expertise. I use wisdom to make money.

I hate to do email marketing, that’s why I am not exactly an Internet marketer. People have this perception that if you don’t use email to sell, you are not an Internet marketer.

Goldmine Believers

Gold - by Caram Design www.caramdesign.com.brThose Internet marketers who use email to sell — sell to people who want to make quick money. These people tend to believe that the Internet is like a goldmine. So they buy ebooks with “secrets” and scripts that generate thousands of “money-making” web pages.

But these goldmine believers, instead of using the secrets and web pages to make money, were told to sell these secrets and scripts to other newer goldmine believers. And the process propagates…

Sound like a Ponzi scheme, isn’t it?

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