So You Want to Learn From Jo Han Mok

Jo Han MokJo Han Mok is giving a free seminar on 16 Mar 2007 at the York Hotel, Singapore. I got to know this from today Strait’s Times advertisement.

This is probably the first of more free Internet marketing seminars from Jo Han Mok.

Expect More Free Internet Marketing Seminars from Jo Han Mok

Usually, in order to sell more expensive Internet marketing conference or training, the event organizer will create the buzz and have free seminars every week to sell the main event.

If you are new to Internet marketing, you must attend his free talk. You will see Jo Han in action and how he uses email marketing to make his riches.

Free Internet marketing seminar in Singapore - Jo Han Mok ST Mar 14, 2007

For the very experience Internet marketers who thinking of becoming a trainer, you must learn from Jo Han’s fantastic stand-up-and-sell skill.

Learn to Sell Your Internet Marketing Seminar

Every Internet marketing coach must learn how to do a stand-up-and-sell presentation, unless you have a good PR to do it for you. However, look at all those Internet marketing gurus who came from outside Singapore, e.g. Derek Gehl, Armand Morin, Stephen Pierce and etc., they all are good salesmen on stage.

Even if you cannot make it this Friday, call them at 65-98511612 to leave your contact so that you’re on their priority list for the next free seminar.

Echoing the point I made in my previous post on “Why Internet Marketing Gurus Don’t SEO“, if you try to google for this Jo Han Mok seminar at York Hotel, you won’t find anything. He is smarter than that, he rather spent thousands of dollars on newsprint advertisement for quick response than to wait for the search engines.

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