Why Internet Marketing Gurus Don’t SEO

Internet Marketing Gurus Dont SEOIf you’ve been attending Internet marketing seminars by the top Internet marketing gurus, you would have heard from some of them that you don’t need to know search engine optimization.

These Internet marketing gurus are telling the truth.

Why SEO Does Not Work for Internet Marketing Seminar

Look here, you went to the seminars because of an advertisement in the newspaper or an email from the event company promoting the seminar. These professional Internet marketing trainers do not optimize their websites and then wait for weeks and even months to get people to their events.

Of course, there are exceptions. BigSeminar.com by Amand Morin is an exception, it is ranked in the first page of Google for the search terms “internet marketing seminar”.

Reason: this is a regular event and has been around for several years. And it has accumulated numerous backlinks – an illustration of off-page optimization.

Why Email Marketing Was Called Internet Marketing

More importantly, the sole source of traffic to their sale letter web page, is from their email campaign. Just because in the early days of the Internet, email is the only way to communicate beside Usenet, email marketing was called Internet marketing.

With the World Wide Web, people’s perception of the Internet changed. We can do more than exchange email and reading/posting at newsgroups. The Internet becomes more interesting with web pages filled with pictures, graphic, colorful background, flashing banners and etc.

Internet Marketing Is Not Just Building a Huge Email List

Now, we can use the website to sell services and products. You can not pitch your sales and get the order with using email.

But still, people relate Internet marketing to email marketing and building a huge email address database.

There’s Many Ways to Marketing in the Internet

There are many ways to market and sell your ware in the Internet: email marketing, search marketing, text ad, banner advertisement, pop-in, slide-in, pop-under, traffic exchange, social media, expired domain traffic and etc.

The ways to marketing in the Internet is only limited by our imagination. Commercial Internet is in its adolescence.

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